About us


Hekate OÜ is a wholesale company of salt and natural products. Our selection includes medicinal pharma salt, industrial coarse salt, magnesium flakes, nitrite salt, water softening salt, etc. Our clients are Spas, beauty salons, food industries, medical industries. We have customers all over the world.

Hekate OÜ has long-term experience in the market as it has operated since 1996. We have established reliable partnerships with factories and customers all over Europe (but not only). Hekate OÜ is a family-owned business where we try to treat our partners as part of our family. We are proud of our long-term partnerships and aim always for the best.

You can buy from Hekate OÜ products for the construction of the salt chamber, respiratory therapy, better functioning of the water system, practice of natural healing methods, preservation of the color of products in the food industry. If you need help or have questions, feel free to contact us at info@hekate.ee.